Cut Through the Noise

We live in a world where we are overwhelmed by thousands of messages every day vying for our constant attention. It is estimated that the average person receives


messages a day

4 million

messages in a year

It’s almost as if every person is standing in the middle of Times Square trying to figure out what to focus on. Yet, as a business leader, it’s critical that your message is delivered to your key audiences. How?

Elevate Your Brand

Startup founders are typically focused on closing sales as quickly as possible so they can keep the lights on. As a result, they often throw a wide net in an ocean of potential customers, hoping to catch a whale. Problem is, they also catch fish, squid, octopus, jellyfish, and everything else that gets caught in their net. A brand tune-up identifies the customer who is the perfect fit for your products and services so you can focus all of your marketing efforts on landing your whale.

Are you wasting time and resources chasing after the wrong customer?

Your Brand Architect

Orly Zeewy is a seasoned brand architect who makes fuzzy clear. She helps startups uncover their brand’s DNA and turns disjointed messaging into clear marketing messages that attract your ideal customers so you can scale fast.

“The retreat that you led and moderated for our college was one of the most successful we’ve ever had. You were able to turn 24 diverse viewpoints into one unified group and help us articulate what differentiates us and why students come here. As a result, there is renewed energy and a real commitment to moving our college forward.”

Barbara Klinkhammer, Executive Dean, Jefferson, College of Architecture and the Built Environment

“I had been struggling for months with how to clearly explain what I do and how to differentiate my brand within my industry. Within one month, Orly was able to clarify who I am and what my clients get from working with me. As a result of her intuitive alignment process, I now have a unique pitch that helps me quickly connect with my ideal client and just as importantly, identify when a potential client is not a good fit. Orly has taken my brand to a whole new level.”

Joseph Spagnoletti, Founder, Spagnoletti Net.

“Orly’s presentation on branding at our Marketing Crash Course blew the audience out of their shoes. If you are looking not only to identify your ‘true’ brand but also how to live it, you need to be working with Orly.”

Brian D. Wiggins, Entrepreneur

Public Speaker

“Orly delivered a thoroughly thought provoking Keynote at our national organization’s fall meeting to more than 100 of our members. The insights she shared gave many of us a new way to think about our online messaging. Anyone looking for a gifted and engaging speaker should be talking to Orly.” – S.D. Pete Pedersen, Global Sales Accountant Manager, PolyScience


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Orly has been invited to speak at regional and national business conferences and has taught and lectured at leading academic institutions.