Personal Branding

Orly has helped dozens of founders and CEO’s identify their personal brand and establish their company culture.

3 Pillars of Personal Branding

Your target audience understands who you are and why they should care. Your elevator pitch should not be a sales pitch. It should explain your why, not your what.

Determine Your Identity
Clearly articulate who you are and how your personal brand story supports your unique value proposition.
Find Your Relevance
Understand what matters to your audience so your messaging is relevant to them — not just you.
Engage Your Audience
Get the attention of the right person, at the right time, with the right message.

Helping Current and Future CEOs

In addition to personal branding for founders and CEOs, Orly brings her branding process to universities to help college students get hired faster. She turns their LinkedIn profiles into powerful marketing tools that help potential recruiters cut through the noise of recent graduates and identify ideal job candidates — within days of posting their new profile.

" The value proposition that you clarified for us 11 years ago continues to differentiate our auto body shop from our competition in ways large and small. As our industry has consolidated to serve insurance companies, we’ve been able to stay independent and build a loyal customer base that has earned us a 5 rating on Yelp. Our high rating is now bringing in Millennial customers who rely on Yelp ratings to make buying decisions. Thank you for preparing us for the future. "
Joe Orsini, Orsini’s Auto Body
" I created a unique line of artwork using common x-rays and was selling individual prints to local medical practices and doctors for three years. Within a couple weeks of working with Orly, I was able to connect my work to the growing trend that art can improve patient outcomes. Within a week of finalizing my new messaging, I was asked to speak at a national medical conference where I will be exhibiting my work in front of hundreds of potential customers. "
Susan Summerton, Founder, X-Ray Artistry
" I worked with Orly to help me reposition my consulting practice. She brought a way of thinking about my key messages and differentiators that helped me get in the heads of my customers and communicate in a way that resonated with them. As a result of this new way of thinking, I quickly landed my next career opportunity. I would recommend Orly to anyone looking to differentiate themselves from their competition. "
Karen Friedenberg, Senior Manager, Business Process Management
" Orly’s brand alignment process helped us quickly articulate our “why” when my co-founder and I were a pre-startup. It set the foundation for our emerging corporate culture and helped align our new team around a shared vision. Instead of spending months trying to position myself and my new company, we can now focus on building solutions. I would recommend Orly to any founder with a startup that needs to carve out its niche—fast. "
Matt Johnson, Founder & CEO, MotiveX
" I gained more confidence in myself and my abilities each hour I spent with Orly. Changing my LinkedIn and resume from academia to work focused is helping me stand out to recruiters as well as be mindful of how I present myself vocally. Immediately after my LinkedIn session with Orly, I received four new recruiter connections. "
Kerry Duggan, Penn State Senior
" Less than 30 minutes into our first session, I knew I had hired the right person. Orly helped me cut through the clutter of my many ideas to come up with a concrete and concise assessment of my business identity and define my unique advantage. She asked the right questions to help me shape my ideas into a carefully woven picture that served as the foundation for my new website and how I now talk about my business. Orly’s process is thorough and empowering. I recommend her for any business leader looking for clarity to achieve its organizational goals. "
Helen A. Richardson, Ed.D. President and CEO, Career Consciousness

Strategic Partners

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